Asim Ismail

‘FIDS’ ( F eel, I magine, D o, S hare)

We are delighted to announce an embarkment of a new journey which will empower our children with the I CAN mindset. An amazing new program, which is already running through 65 countries & regions, have brought 35500 solutions of change, with 2 million children and 76000 teachers participating, known as

      'FIDS' ( F eel, I magine, D o, S hare) 

Through this, our children will be solving day to day problems they face as individuals, as a family or as a community to make the world a better place

A pilot program, of the above is running in class K2’s, class 2B, class 6A and 6B, from the coming session to observe its possibilities and practicalities within our environment, and soon will be open for all classes.

Asim Ismail‘FIDS’ ( F eel, I magine, D o, S hare)
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with grandmothers

“A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend” (unknown)

Their presence itself is so inspirational that spending some quality time with them ends up to days of love, passion and learning.
Our upcoming event, Junior Chef with grandmothers is a chance to demonstrate that love and amicable relationship the children share with their grandmothers. Stay tuned for the highlights!

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with Fajr Academy

YES you read it right!

Travelling is an amazing experience which opens a big door for us to explore the world beyond our imagination and what could be better than having an in house WORLD TOUR where students will get information, and experience the culture, the facts, history and whereabouts of different countries every MONTH!

The students have had a tour of Italy and Qatar and are now exploring the beautiful country of Argentina this month!
From dress up day to Food Mania, our students will be enjoying it all!

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Robotics programme

Students participated in the Robotics Competition, arranged by Habib Girls School on Saturday, 4th January and by the blessings of Allah they have excelled in their performance and secured First Position in the competition.

Asim IsmailRobotics programme
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Inter Class Competition

To motivate and build confidence amongst our little ones of primary, an inter-class Social Studies quiz for class 1 was held within the school premises.

Asim IsmailInter Class Competition
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Sham Rekhta

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited.

Sham Rekhta event organised at Fajr Academy.

Asim IsmailSham Rekhta
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