U for Ummah Kids is in the works…

Destination Imagination
January 7, 2018

U for Ummah was a successful charity event held in Karachi this November by Alwasila Trust with the active participation of Fajr Academy teachers, parents and students.  In line with its motto (“Render Relief and Raise Belief”), all funds raise by U for Ummah were donated to disaster relief victims internationally.

Inspired by the success of U for Ummah, a group of Fajr Academy parents are busy planning an even bigger event on 11 March 2018: U for Ummah Kids.

More information will be forthcoming soon, insha’Allah.

And then the students go into hock on the student loans etc, but when the economy took a hit, all bets were off, regardless of where the kids went to school, maybe with the exception of harvard, yale, mit, stanford, moved over there wharton, etc.

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