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Our Vision

To nurture and develop the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual sense in Muslim children through a comprehensive educational system based on the teachings of Islam.

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Our Curriculum

Fajr Academy is a testing lab for the Tarbiyah International Curriculum, which integrates modern syllabi with Islamic knowledge and values.

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Learning Portal

Students, parents and teachers can log in to the Learning Portal to play games, upload homework and review student performance.

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U for Ummah Kids is in the works…

U for Ummah was a successful charity event held in Karachi this November by Alwasila Trust with the active participation of Fajr Academy teachers, parents and studen

Destination Imagination

Fajr Academy is pleased to participate in Destination Imagination, and to be its first school to participate in Pakistan.


Staff (with 80 teachers)




Nursery to Grade 10 (and growing)


Field Trips Taken Annually

What’s Happening at Our School

[fancy-hover-effects-vc-free fhe_image=”293″ fhe_caption_heading=”Effective Muslims”]

Effective Muslims is a series of character-building workshops.

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[fancy-hover-effects-vc-free fhe_image=”295″ fhe_caption_heading=”Builders”]

Builders is an activity-based program to
build self-reliance.

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[fancy-hover-effects-vc-free fhe_image=”296″ fhe_caption_heading=”Huffaz”]

Huffaz is an innovative Qur’an memorization

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[fancy-hover-effects-vc-free fhe_image=”240″ fhe_caption_heading=”Explorers”]

Explorers takes students on monthly field trips
and an annual tour to northern Pakistan.

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[fancy-hover-effects-vc-free fhe_image=”297″ fhe_caption_heading=”Abacus”]

Abacus helps students improve their focus
and solve problems.

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[fancy-hover-effects-vc-free fhe_image=”298″ fhe_caption_heading=”Events and Competitions”]

Events and competitions help students improve
their self-confidence ​and relationships.

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“My Lord, increase me in knowledge.” (al-Qur’an 20:114)